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quick RSS hits

Posted by kenny 66 ב- נובמבר 13, 2009

this is a book i'd like on my shelf just so i can say i own a book by that name.

Jo Walton takes another whack at an old truism – made up words in SF&F.

and apparently the someone at the Vatican has read Clarke and Russell, because they're discussing astrobiology.
and in order to combat swine flu spreading, they now have holy water dispenser.

2 תגובות to “quick RSS hits”

  1. avgboojie said

    LOL about the book title.
    As to the made up words – it's funny that as soon as I read your description of it, I immediately thought of the XKCD comic he linked to on the first paragraph. 🙂
    (And Anathem IS sheer joy when it comes to made up words, and makes me VERY happy I don't have to translate it…)

    • kenny 66 said

      I don't even LOOK in the direction of Anathem, because i know there's no way i'm going to have time to read it in the near future and it would break my heart if it was on my shelf. but i'll have to get around to it some day. i think it's about time someone started paying me huge amounts for reading SF. i'll even sing for my supper (well… no, that would be cruel to the listeners, but i'm willing to write about SF).

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